Motherhood: (Un)speakable, (Un)spoken – The Workshop for Mothers

I offer workshops in which mothers can explore their journey into their motherhood through art, performance, writing and sharing, workshops in which we speak with integrity and honesty about our stories and in doing so are permitted to give a voice to the painful, shameful and awful things we are frightened to say out loud. So far, 6 fully booked ACE funded workshops, in Lewes, in Brighton and in Kentish Town, London have allowed mothers to explore and draw, talk, laugh, dance, cry and share.

We were moved. We felt connected. We wanted to have more time to go deeper and wider. We have started to create our own peer support network.

More workshops are needed.

More funding is needed.

Do you know anyone who wants to support art with women in the community? Can you help?

Please get in touch!

Comments from workshop participants:

“Please can we continue and do this again?”

“We mothers are awesome.”

“A powerful shared experience.”

“I am not alone with my experiences.”

“It is important to talk and be heard.”


‘Empathy in Practice’ and ‘Resilience in Practice’ – Workshop for Health Care Professionals

I am now also able to offer workshops that combine theatre, visual art, movement and engaging verbal discussions to create opportunities for individuals to explore and speak about Motherhood in an honest and supportive way, reflect on and grow an Empathic Practice in the medical environment and build supportive communities (peer support). The workshops are derived from my engaging live solo theatre piece ‘Motherhood: (Un)speakable, (Un)spoken’- a moving, memorable and an unflinchingly honest journey to Everymum.
These workshops are specifically aimed at healthcare professional, especially midwives, GP’s, GP’s in training and anyone working in direct patient care, and are delivered in 6 hours facilitator contact time, which can be spread over several days or presented in a full day.

Following on from initial meetings with the Kentish Town Free Space Gallery and Health Centre, we were able to put in place a pilot project providing a taster training session from the workshop Empathy in Practice for medical and health professionals as part of their CPD and VTS programs in October 2016, as well as piloting a full day training in January 2017 in collaboration with Dr David Supple, the Brighton GP VTS Programme Director and two days training with midwives in Sussex in March 2017 in partnership with the BirthStories Project. The training series is designed with impactful short performance extracts followed by in depth discussions, exercises, art work, role play, practical homework, self evaluation and peer support building focus.


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